Friday, September 16, 2011

The Best Feeling.

Here I was, at it again. Why am I doing this?  Tevonne could do it. Bj could do it too, and he was half my size.  Mom, gave up on me years ago.  Tired of the tears, and sick of the falling.  But here I was. Again. This time it wasn't some pink little Kmart bike with tassels. No, It was Somebody Elses' bike and this was pavement, not my little dirt road.   But, I want this.  I want to learn how to ride.  Tevonne's a grown-up to me, even though we are the same age.  "You gonna learn how to ride this bike!" she rebuked me.  I got up on her bike as she held my seat. "I got you." she said.  So, I went. I peddled and peddled and...wait...where is Vonne?  "Keep going!" she yells from a house that I had passed houses ago.   "Oh my gosh!" realizing, that now...I can ride too!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why the name, "The Finest Leaf".

To me, the finest leaf means without blemish.  The leaf represents a page in a book, or  those components that make up a tea. Ultimately, I believe that the Word of God is the finest leaf, filled with wisdom.  I look to it for guidance and wisdom.

I have a fascination with tea.
I have a desire to travel.
I have a love of books.

With my map being the Word of God, it doesn't get any finer than that.